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Why RDA Consulting?

We work with both the planned and the unplanned sides of organisational life. We work in an open, collaborative way. We pool our own and our clients' analytical thinking and intuitive common sense. We find practical, creative solutions people can work with.



We work with:

  • Boards to develop strategies & plans & work effectively
  • Leaders to engage people & achieve organizational goals
  • Teams to integrate differences, improve communication & achieve goals
  • Organisations to understand markets, innovate products & services & navigate change

Example of recent work

Introducing new ways of working and coaching to take up roles effectively at a major multi-national

The company wanted to improve its product development process. We worked over a period of twelve months with an internal OD consultant to develop a cohort of internal coaches and to help the product developers take up their roles more effectively. We ran off-sites to introduce the coaches and product developers...

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