Introducing new ways of working and coaching to take up roles effectively at a major multi-national

The company wanted to improve its product development process. We worked over a period of twelve months with an internal OD consultant to develop a cohort of internal coaches and to help the product developers take up their roles more effectively.

We ran off-sites to introduce the coaches and product developers to the Systems-Centered® notions of Role, Goal and Context to take up roles effectively; the SAVI™ (System for Analysing Verbal Interaction) communications tool to improve problem-solving; the force-field as a way of diagnosing what’s helping and what’s getting in the way of achieving goals; the map of phases of team development to identify which behaviours are likely to help and which to get in the way of achieving goals; functional sub-grouping as a way of integrating differences; and emotional intelligence to use the information in both thinking and feeling to make better decisions.

As a result of the work, the product developers from different areas started working together as a team across the organisation. They identified ways to improve a key part of the product development process. The board sponsor said the project had ‘made my year’. 

This is the feedback from the internal OD consultant: ‘My experience of Rowena in her role as consultant has always been of reliability and trust. She is an excellent sparring partner, sounding board and critic in a positive way, always open for new input and to look at things from a different perspective. Her relationship with the groups she has worked with has been inspiring, trustful and very professional. The organisation has been very pleased to work with Rowena and thoroughly recommends her services to others.’

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