Hella Ritz

Hella Ritz Photo

Hella’s expertise is in developing organisations through coaching teams and executives to deliver results, using differences as fuel for excellence. Hella uses systems-oriented methods and tools to foster liveliness in the system, creative problem-solving and collaboration.

Hella has 25 years’ experience in management and communication, and 15 years in consultancy. After being a student-teacher at University, she gained insight into organisational daily life during her 10 years as a manager in the largest Dutch NGO and in a private training company. She works for a wide range of public and private firms, including large retail, software and engineering companies, consultancies, healthcare organisations, universities and public services.

Hella holds an MA in Language/Communication. Her view on personal development is informed by a four year training in ‘Zijnsgeoriënteerde’ psychotherapy and awareness. Hella speaks fluent Dutch, English and German and reasonable French.  She is a member of the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute and the Center for Human Emergence.



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