Leadership and collaborative team working

We work to develop leaders (and followers) at all levels in organisations. We coach leaders and teams to mindfully step into different roles and adapt their behaviours to the many different contexts they encounter every day. Being aware of the context and mindful of how to support it often makes a crucial shift.

Developing the ability to collaboratively solve problems is key to achieving goals more effectively and with greater satisfaction. Research shows high performing teams invest 20% of their time developing a problem-solving climate.

Using coaching and facilitation we help leaders and teams in fast moving contexts to:

  • Focus on their goals and roles
  • Work with others to achieve these
  • Constructively integrate differences
  • Develop their emotional intelligence by accessing their thinking, intuition and common sense
  • Improve communication patterns so more information comes in
  • Stay connected with their competence, skills and authority
  • Work with what unfolds in response to their actions
  • Have more satisfaction and learning in their work

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