Organisational change

We see organisations as living human systems that develop every day through all sorts of interactions inside and outside the organisation. What emerges is often unpredictable. Being able to sit with curiousity at the "edge of the unknown" is a skill that takes practice.

Most of us resist change. We tend to react to differences that are too different by closing off, rejecting or trying to convert them. Listening to the (often vital) information in differences is key to individual, team and organisational development and transformation.

How we behave often has more to do with the context we are in than our individual make up. An alternative to personalising behaviour (so prevalent in many organisations) is seeing the wider system and how what is happening may be part of this. We also encourage individuals and teams to see the part they are playing in what is unfolding, knowing this is where change starts.

We help

  • Clarify and communicate goals
  • Provide "maps" of change
  • Identify what helps and what gets in the way of change
  • Harness the potential contained in differences and conflict
  • Foster energy for change
  • Work productively across the organisation

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